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Types of Services

INTRASET is always extremely flexible in designing and delivering professional services. We can help you meet your I/E integration needs in any of several formats:

Full Service
In many cases, we can come right in and handle the entire project, from inception to successful implementation and system integration. As our client, you communicate your needs to us and specify precisely what it is you want to achieve -- and we do the rest. You give us the authority to carry out the project and we'll take full responsibility for effective implementation.

INTRASET provides the full range of resources needed to carry out even the most challenging I/E integration projects. As soon as the contract is signed, our team of highly skilled and responsive professionals will hit the ground running -- and won't slow down until your information needs are met.

Supplemental Services and Resources
INTRASET can also deploy its Information Systems Consulting Resources in a more limited fashion, providing you with the technical support you need for crucial projects. Take advantage of our consulting team on your own terms! Such services are provided on a rate basis, with INTRASET consultants essentially becoming your contract employees for the duration of their services. We can also go into one of your Divisions and create a hybrid work group -- a team -- using your own employees and one or more of our highly accomplished consultants.

Information Professionals and Computer Personnel
INTRASET can identify and recruit the skilled labor you need to customize your applications -- a creative and effective solution in an increasingly tight labor market. We can handle all aspects of this often difficult process, making your life easier and helping you meet your technical/computer/IT personnel needs. INTRASET makes extensive use of the most advanced Web technologies for identifying qualified personnel, and has established a strategic alliance with ITJOBS.COM. We can help you fill positions quickly and efficiently at levels ranging from top management to highly skilled IT consultants to break/fix PC specialists.

Department and Project Audits
All organizations have a need for independent and objective evaluation of their overall information flow and the status of their information systems. We can come in and provide you with thorough, state-of-the-art technology audits in diverse areas, including:

Review of MIS plans, goals, and objectives; evaluation can address "fit" with broad-level strategic planning (i.e., are IT objectives consistent with and contributing to organizational goals?) and feasibility of proposed systems. Observe and review of MIS status/operations. Evaluation of current technologies, including all aspects of hardware and software.

Review of specific projects, whether proposed and awaiting green light or in progress. If already operating, we can go in an analyze the situation objectively, find out what is really going on, identify potential problems/pitfalls, and make recommendations for improving efficiency/productivity

All of our consulting audits feature comprehensive documentation of findings in a format that is both attractive and highly practical. The terms of our engagements include a full written report upon project completion, featuring carefully reasoned and objective analysis, data suitable for presentation to Boards or regulatory agencies, and well thought-out recommendations.

INTRASET can also deploy its resources in an advisory capacity. We can:

  • Assess the feasibility of new projects
  • Evaluate your existing IT systems and generate highly knowledgeable recommendations for improving your capabilities
  • Sort through various technological options, evaluate alternative vendors, and provide you with an objective and accurate assessment that will provide a solid basis for difficult bottom-line decisions.

Our objective in this area is always to ensure that you make the decision that's right for you. We are objective and have at our disposal some of the best expertise in the industry. Why not put that knowledge to work for your organization?

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