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System Implementation Methodology

INTRASET is committed to providing the highest quality professional and consulting services to its clients and makes an ongoing effort to involve clients at all phases of project implementation. As our client, you will participate in all aspects of project planning, including initial specification of terms and technical requirements in all relevant areas:

  • Information and Intranet Systems Implementation Planning.
  • Project Management Conference Room Pilot support.
  • Software Analysis and Design.
  • Software Development & Modification.
  • Software Testing & Documentation.
  • Data Conversion/Migration.
  • Software Migration.

You will also work with us in the following areas:
Identification of the most appropriate "mix" of skills/expertise on the consultation team. Initial project planning/scheduling of tasks. Specification of evaluation criteria and expected project "markers". Ongoing involvement throughout the project. Our consultants will develop a detailed weekly project schedule for your review, and will provide regular updates and reports.

INTRASET believes in being totally up front in identifying potential problems in implementation and developing effective solutions before things become a crisis. If we spot a problem, we're going to tell you about it, make any necessary revisions in project parameters, and move on to a successful conclusion of the project.


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