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INTRASET -- a top-of-the-line consulting and systems integration company specializing in all aspects of Intranet/Extranet consulting services. INTRASET is one of the premiere privately owned Intranet/Extranet Integration systems consulting firms in Southern California. INTRASET's unique blend of technical and information systems knowledge and strategic know-how creates superior value for clients drawn from a broad range of industries and professions.

Formed in 1997, INTRASET specializes in the world's biggest VLDB's, so we know about moving and managing big data. INTRASET has many Teradata, Oracle, DB2/UDB, MS-SQL Server and other product installations as clients.

INTRASET provides the IT expertise you need to build, run, and web-enable your Information Systems. INTRASET undertakes ERP/CRM/DW and web-enablement projects with contractors or complete project teams in the U.S and internationally

INTRASET is firmly committed to:

Top-level technical expertise.
Sensitivity to client needs.
Consulting services tailored to client specifications.

INTRASET's professionals have the highest skill level, rely on proven methods, and of course adhere closely to accepted practice and guidelines in the information systems industry, including the standards of various hardware and software organizations, professional associations, and leading industry organizations.

INTRASET is one of the few companies in the United States that has a strategic partnership with www.itjobsrecruiters.com to rapidly identify new highly skilled talent to meet if not exceed your needed required skilled personnel.




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